Maps & Compasses

These survival compasses are easy to use and they're a must for your 72-hour kit, car emergency kit, or your emergency gear at home. Whether disaster hits or you nust need to find your way back to the campsite, a compass will help you get to safety.

Whether you're looking for a simple compass, a lensatic compass, or a combination tool that can also be a whistle, matchbox, and more - we've got the survival gear you need to prepare for anything. These compasses are designed for use on-the-go. Whether you're planning to be out in the wilderness using this compass, or you're anticipating evacuation, a compass will help you make good decisions on what direction to go.



Coghlan's® Liquid Filled Compass
Number: 8160
Price: $7.99
Map Compass
Number: 8162
Price: $15.99
Lensatic Compass
Number: 8164
Price: $7.99
Coghlan's Deluxe Map Compass
Number: 9685
Price: $7.99
Map Reading and Land Navigation Manual
Number: SCHBK152
Price: $6.99