Kitchen & Sink

Clean-up doesn't have to be a chore, does it? Let's make it easier with JR Watkins & Caldrea soaps, washboards, brushes, and gadgets.


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Harold Import Company 6 Pc. Bar Mop Kitchen Towels
Number: HIC03000
Price: $9.99
Joie Sink Plug & Strainer - Assorted Colors
Number: HIC25038
Price: $4.99
Joie Veggie Brush
Number: HIC31547
Price: $3.99
SiegeClean Butcher Block Oil
Number: HIC780
Price: $6.99
Joie Oink Oink Kitchen Brush
Number: HIC78473
Price: $3.99
Joie Oink Oink Sink Strainer
Number: HIC78616
Price: $4.99
Joie Doodle Doo Sink Strainer
Number: HIC89303
Price: $4.99
Plink® Washer Freshner & Dishwasher Cleaner
Number: HIC9024
Price: $4.99
Brushtech Sport Bottle Straw Brush
Number: HICGB-23
Price: $4.99
Tovolo Nylon Pig Pan Scrapers
Number: ICI81-10352C
Price: $1.49
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