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Ice Fishing Shelters & Sleds

Ice Fishing Shelters & Sleds

One of the most rewarding things you can do in the winter is take your buddies ice fishing for the first time. Show them how it's done in style with Clam ice fishing shelters. Pack in your gear on your ATV with an Otter ice fishing sled and let them borrow some of your spare ice gripping treads. They'll be talking about it for weeks, and asking you when your next trip is. Don't forget to seal the deal with licorice and jerky!

As fun as ice fishing is, if you don't prepare you'll freeze your bajeebies off. It's cold out there! Whether it's time to get your first shelter or you want to upgrade the one you've got, the perfect ice fishing shelters are here waiting for you. Not only do you keep out the wind and snow but you can fish comfortably without having to be bundled up from head to toe. Clam tents are ideal if you're a family man who wants to take his family with him, or as a portable mancave when you're out with the boys.

An ice fishing sled is another item that makes ice fishing a heck-of-a-lot easier and more enjoyable. The less you have to to heft to your desired fishing spot the better off you are. We've got some great options that you can pull yourself or attach to the back of an ATV or snowmobile and have the work done for you. These are particularly great when you've got kids or older folk going with you so there is less strain on them. Now remember your ice treads to keep you sure footed on the ice and you're all set! Well, with making your trip more comfortable anyway. Check out my blog post for more tips on rods, lures, augers, and more ways to make sure you're prepared for your trip.

Clam Outdoors Escape Ice Fishing Shelter, 5-7 Person
Product ID: CLAM10944
Clam Outdoors VistaLink Hub Ice Fishing Shelter, 2-3 Person
Product ID: CLAM110133
Clam Outdoors Hub Ice Fishing Shelter Link Accessory
Product ID: CLAM110682
Clam C-360 6X6 Hub Shelter
Product ID: CLAM14474
Clam C-560 8X8 Hub Shelter
Product ID: CLAM14476
Clam C-890 6 Sided Hub Shelter
Product ID: CLAM14478
Clam Outdoors Nordic Sled - Large
Product ID: CLAM1812
Clam Outdoors Nordic Sled - Small
Product ID: CLAM1837
Clam Six Pack 1660 Mag Shelter - Fits 5-7 Anglers
Product ID: CLAM9102
Clam Vista Hub Shelter - Fits 2-3 Anglers
Product ID: CLAM9127
EskimoŽ Deluxe Strap Tie Down Combo Kit
Product ID: ESK24260
EskimoŽ Outbreak 450i Insulated Ice Shelter
Product ID: ESK32100
EskimoŽ Outbreak 250XD Shelter
Product ID: ESK40250
EskimoŽ Ice Anchors - Pack of 2
Product ID: ESK69138
EskimoŽ QuickFish 3 person Ice Shelter
Product ID: ESK69143
EskimoŽ QuickFish 6 Person Ice Fishing Shelter
Product ID: ESK69149
EskimoŽ FatFish Pop-up Portable Ice Shelter, 3-4 Person
Product ID: FF949
FrabillŽ Medium Sled
Product ID: FRA6062
Shappell 54" Jet Sled-Multi-Purpose Sled
Product ID: JS1
Shappell Jet Sled
Product ID: JS1-WC
Shappell Extra Large Jet Sled
Product ID: JSX
Shappell Jet Sled XL Winter Camo Winter Camo
Product ID: JSX-WC
HT Enterprises Polar Escape PRO 3 Person Ice Tent
Product ID: PP3