Ice Fishing Rods, Reels, and Combos

Your ice fishing rods and reels are some of the most important items in your fishing equipment. The size and weight are determining factors in catching your favorite fish. Explore some of our favorite ice fishing reels, rods, and combos that will start you off on the right foot. To find the best fishing line to go with your new set-up browse here. Chris, our fishing guru and buyer, gives some great tips to get ready for ice fishing so be sure to check it out here so you've got all you need when you are out on the ice.

How to decide what ice fishing rods to buy:

What kind of fisherman are you? Do you go for the prize lake trout or do you prefer an ice chest full of panfish? Do you like to spend your time sitting in your ice fishing shelter or walking around, checking on all your rods? Is jigging an important part of your fishing routine? Your style of fishing is the main factor in what kind of ice fishing rods to buy.

If you hang out sitting in shelters then you'll want a shorter rod. Longer rods are great out in the open because they have a more sensitive tip for jigging. (We highly suggest a up Tip-up when you are jigging to save your hand from all that moving!) If you go for the smaller panfish, like perch, blue gill or crappie, you'll want a lightweight rod. Your medium action rod is best for fish like rainbow or brown trout and a great choice for beginners. When fishing for large fish like lake trout or walleye you'll want a medium heavy rod.

Choosing the best ice fishing rods can seem like a daunting task but just remember, there's no need to sweat the small stuff. Best thing you can do it to try them out and see what works best for you. Buying combos that comes with ice fishing reels and rods together is an excellent way to know your equipment will work well together!


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13 Fishing Black Betty 6061 - Left Handed
Number: 60612015LH
Price: $95.00
HT Enterprises Arctic Fusion TX Series Medium Action Combo - 25"
Number: AFN25MSC
Price: $44.99
Shakespeare® Agility Spinning Reel
Number: AG25B
Price: $29.99
Fenwick® Aetos 28" Medium Action Ice Spinning Rod
Price: $39.99
Fenwick® Aetos 30" Medium Heavy Ice Spinning Rod
Price: $39.99
Abu Garcia 25" Veritas 3.0 Ice Spin Rod - Ultra Light
Price: $19.99
Abu Garcia 27" Veritas 3.0 Ice Spin Rod - Medium Light
Price: $19.99
Abu Garcia Volatile Ice Series Ice Rod
Price: $29.99
Abu Garcia 25" Veritas 3.0 Ice Spin Combo - Ultra Light
Price: $39.99
Abu Garcia 27" Veritas 3.0 Ice Spin Combo - Medium Light
Price: $39.99
Pure Fishing® 29-inch Abu Garcia Veritas 3.0 Ice Combo
Price: $39.99
Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0 Ice Series Ice Rod
Price: $24.99
Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0 Ice Combo - 29 inch
Price: $39.99
Berkley Fishin' Gear Ice Rod Armor - Set of 2
Price: $8.99
Berkley  28" Amp Ice Combo
Number: BAMPICE28M
Price: $24.99
Berkley® Amp™ Ice Spinning Rod - 32"
Price: $12.99
Berkley® Amp™ Ice Spinning Rod - 38"
Number: BAMPICE38M
Price: $12.99
13 Fishing Black Betty Free Fall Ghost Reel
Number: BBFFGW
Price: $79.99
Berkley Heritage 30 inch Ice Rod
Price: $19.99
Berkley Heritage 28 Inch Medium Ice Rod Combo
Price: $34.99
Berkley Series One Ice Spinning Rod
Number: BICEX120QT
Price: $29.99
Pure Fishing® 28-inch Berkley Lightning Ice Combo Medium Light
Price: $34.99
Pure Fishing® 32-inch Berkley Lightning Ice Combo Medium Light
Price: $34.99
Celcius® Ci Med Combo 29-inch Spin Reel
Number: C129MCBZ410
Price: $39.99
Celcius® 29-inch Med. Ice Combo
Number: C129MCELFL
Price: $39.99
Celcius® 24-inch UL Flat Line Combo
Number: CELFLC24UL
Price: $29.99
Celcius® Blizzard Flat Line Combo
Number: CELFLC27ML
Price: $29.99
Clam Outdoors 40" Jason Mitchell MACK Spin Rod - Medium Heavy
Number: CLAM12585
Price: $44.99
Clam Ice Sniper Series Rod Combo
Number: CLAMIS
Price: Starting at $19.99
CLST 28" Yellow Glow-in-the-Dark Ice Rod
Number: CLST95751
Price: $9.99
CLST 28" Pink Glow-in-the-Dark Ice Rod
Number: CLST95768
Price: $9.99
CLST 36" Green Glow-in-the-Dark Ice Rod
Number: CLST95775
Price: $12.99
CLST 45" Orange Glow-in-the-Dark Ice Rod
Number: CLST95782
Price: $14.99
CLST 24" Red Glow-in-the-Dark Ice Rod
Number: CLST95980
Price: $11.99
CLST 24" Purple Glow-in-the-Dark Ice Rod
Number: CLST95997
Price: $11.99
CLST 40" Blue Glow-in-the-Dark Ice Rod
Number: CLST96048
Price: $19.99
Berkley Cherrywood HD Ice Rod
Number: CWICE
Price: $12.99
Berkley Cherrywood 30" Medium Ice Fishing Combo
Number: CWIS30MBER
Price: $18.99
Okuma® Epixor Spinning Reel EF25b
Number: EF25B
Price: $49.99
Okuma® Epixor Spinning Reel EF30b
Number: EF30B
Price: $49.99
Eskimo® Pistol Bit Auger Adapter
Number: ESK34677
Price: $24.99
HT Enterprises Fish Hunter Snow Combo - 27"
Number: FHCS27MLSC
Price: $34.99
HT Enterprises 25" Fish Hunter Snow Combo - Light
Number: FHSC25LSC
Price: $29.99
HT Enterprises 26" Fish Hunter Snow Combo - Medium
Number: FHSC26MSC
Price: $29.99
Fenwick® Methods Ice Spinning Rod With Interchangeable Blanks - 23/27
Number: FICEMET2327
Price: $49.99
Fenwick® Nighthawk Ice Rod
Price: $44.99
Frabill® Straight Line 101 Clamshell Ice Reel
Number: FRA669901
Price: $29.99
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