Hiking Packs, Duffles, & Bags

The road winds and the vast mountain range is on the horizon. With brands names such as Kelty and Jansport and high quality bags and packs, you can find exactly what fits your style to cross that rough terrain.

As you explore the great trails and make memories, fanny packs and compression sacks make organizing your gear a little more easier. Compression sacks make a great way to store basics and make more room with side straps and buckles and they make a good place to throw wet swimsuits or dirty clothes. Keep your camera or trail hiking goodies by your side with a good fanny pack for those spontaneous adventures.

The ultimate adventure begins with the right gear and a perfect addition to your long road ahead is a good night's sleep. You'll find sleeping bags and lightweight tents that coordinate with the hike, so you aren’t a pack mule but an adventurer with the right supplies that aren’t weighing you down.


Backpacks & Packs

Backpacks & Packs

Here at Smith and Edwards, we like to have only the top-of-the-line quality gear, just for you.

When going on your next hunting trip, take one of the best packs to help you carry all your gear. These packs and backpacks, from brands such as Eberlestock, Wildfowler, Badlands, Alps Mountaineering, and Slumberjack, are convenient and designed for your comfort. Knowing just how many tools and gadgets you will need, you know you will also need one of these great backpacks to carry them all!

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Duffle Bags

Duffle Bags

The essential and ever purposeful duffel bag remains a staple of survival and convenience. Here at Smith & Edwards we carry many different brands and sizes and even some range and medical bags.

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Plastic Storage Containers, Sacks, & Bags

Plastic Storage Containers, Sacks, & Bags

When building your survival kit, you'll want a good way to store medicine, important documents, and small tools for survival. You'll find a wide array of small waterproof containers as well as multiple-compartment containers. We've even got a great way to store your ammunition underground in preparation for any emergency situation - click here for even more ammo boxes.

Set yourself up for success with waterproof and water-resistant containers for your emergency kit. Whether you're in an area prone to severe weather conditions, or you simply want to be prepared for the worst, keep copies of important documents and spare medicine safe in a water-resistant dry box. Smith & Edwards carries the most useful survival supplies for your kits so you can build your own 72-hour kit or stock your own survival room. The small waterproof containers here are excellent for wearing around your neck and taking on trips such as to amusement parks so your children always have any information, medicine, or identification they need to have with them. Don't wait - get prepared today.

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Everest® Deluxe Utility Bag - Medium
Number: ETC067
Price: $13.99
Everest® Shopping Tote - Large
Number: ETC1002DS
Price: $9.99
Everest® Deluxe Utility Bag - Small
Number: ETC054
Price: $10.99
Everest® Multiple Pocket Waist Pack
Number: ETC044MDH
Price: $10.99
Everest® Signature Waist Fanny Pack - Medium
Number: ETC044MD
Price: $10.99
Everest® Deluxe Shopping Tote - Large
Number: ETC1002DLX
Price: $17.99
Everest® Basic Gear Bag - Small
Number: ETC1008D
Price: $10.99
Everest® Utility Bag with Tablet Pocket
Number: ETC077
Price: $19.99
Everest® Basic Gear Bag - Medium
Number: ETC1008MD
Price: $13.99
Everest® Signature Waist Fanny Pack - Junior
Number: ETC044KS
Price: $5.99
Everest® Small Signature Waist Fanny Pack - Assorted Colors
Number: ETC044KD
Price: $6.99
Everest® Basic Toiletry bag
Number: ETC578DL
Price: $12.99
Everest® Dual Compartment Toiletry Bag
Number: ETC578W
Price: $8.99
Everest® Woodland Camo Waist Pack - Small
Number: ETCC044KD
Price: $7.99
Everest® Woodland Camo Waist Pack - Medium
Number: ETCC044MD
Price: $10.99
Everest® Black Camera Bag - Small
Number: ETCCM5D
Price: $8.99
Everest® Signature Pattern Waist Pack - Assorted Patterns/Colors
Number: ETCP044KD
Price: $8.99