Food Dehydrators & Freeze Dryers

Choose from the best food dehydrators available at Smith and Edwards. Whether you're making your own beef, deer, or turkey jerky (check out our jerky prep tools here!), or if you can't resist mango, apple, apricot, or strawberries cut and dried, all year round, you'll love one of these machines. Especially if you've got a thriving herb bed and you love drying herbs for the year's recipes.

You'll find a great food drier here. Choose from a Nesco dehydrator, American Harvest food dehydrator, and the Snackmaster food dehydrator. Also, get your extra trays and screens here.



Harvest Right® 50 pack Mylar Storage Bags - 10 in. x 14 in.
Number: HRMB006
Price: $29.99
Harvest Right® 50 pack Mylar Storage Bags - 8 in. x 12 in.
Number: HRMB007
Price: $24.99
Harvest Right® Oxygen Absorbers - 50 pack
Number: HROXY002
Price: $19.99
Nesco® Add-A-Tray - Pack of 2
Number: 61864
Price: $27.99
Nesco® Add-A-Tray - Pack of 2
Number: 6192306
Price: $13.99
Nesco® Food Dehydrator - 425 Watt
Number: 6192264
Price: $49.99
Nesco® Fruit Roll Dehydrator Sheet - Pack of 2
Number: 61860
Price: $11.99
Nesco® Gardenmaster Food Dehydrator Kit - 1000W
Number: FD-1018A
Price: $249.99
Presto® Dehydro Digital Food Dehydrator
Number: 6406227
Price: $119.99
Presto® Food Screen - Pack of 2
Number: NP06307
Price: $9.99
Presto® Fruit Roll Sheets - Pack of 2
Number: NP06308
Price: $9.99