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Energy Bars, Gels & Electrolytes

Energy Bars, Gels & Electrolytes

Do not let your brain get dehydrated or leg cramps from lack of electrolytes while you are out farming or hiking, night or morning. We have high-energy snacks, fluids, and tablets like Powerbar, Honeystinger, and Camelback.

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Popcorn & Candy

Popcorn & Candy

Candy & Food Buyer

Amy has brought you all the chocolates and sweet treats you could ask for. Whether you're looking for hot new favorites in the candy and food realm, or looking for a little bit of childhood nostalgia, we know you'll find the perfect treat to satisfy those big cravings at Smith & Edwards!

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Chef Boyardee® Lasagna - 7.5oz
Number: SC404981
Price: $1.99
Fleischmann's® Instant Yeast - 1 lb.
Number: DOT344027
Price: $4.69
Hostess Brands® Twinkie/Ding Dongs
Price: $0.50
Kodiak® Brownie Power Cup - Chocolate Fudge
Number: A3133394
Price: $2.29
Kodiak® Muffin Power Cup - Blueberry
Number: A3133295
Price: $2.29
Kodiak® Muffin Power Cup - Chocolate Chip
Number: A3133584
Price: $2.29
Kodiak® Muffin Power Cup - Double Dark Chocolate
Number: A3133303
Price: $2.29
Kodiak® Protein-Packed Muffin Mix - Double Dark Chocolate
Number: A3133352
Price: $5.99
Kraft Heinz® Easy Mac N Cheese Original 2.05Oz
Number: DOT472571
Price: $1.99
Libby's® Vienna Sausage 5OZ/18
Number: SC71607
Price: $1.09
Marie Callenders® Chicken Pot Pie 14.5oz
Number: SC419938
Price: $2.49
Power Snacks® Pineapple - 1.5 oz.
Number: DOT415881
Price: $0.69