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Shop Fly Traps and Mousetraps

Shop Fly Traps and Mousetraps

Keep your garden and outdoors safe from pesky critters. You can find a large selection of mousetraps, moth traps, and fly traps that will protect your house and cabin from unwanted guests. Easy and safe to use everyday protection, with no harsh chemicals.

You won't be disappointed as you explore Victor's mouse traps are mess free and ready to use with fast setup. Here at Smith and Edwards you can find a variety of ways to keep your indoors and outdoors protected from rodents.

We offer the pied piper mouse trap that is designed here in Utah! This trap is easy setup and you don't even have to touch the mice! All you need is a little peanut butter and some water and your ready to go. Rodents are easy to dispose of and trap is easy to use again and again with little maintenance or clean up.

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Victor Mouse Trap - 2 Pack
Product ID: 70736
Terro® Fruit Fly Trap - 2 Pack
Product ID: 7507205
Ortho® Home Defense® Insect Killer
Product ID: 7508088
Victor Rat Trap
Product ID: 7567134
Victor Fly Ribbon - 8 Pack
Product ID: 7627557
Pantry Pest Moth Trap - 2 Pack
Product ID: 76989
Bug-A-Salt® Laser Adapter Kit - Orange
Product ID: 9037966
Bug-A-Salt® 3.0 Black Fly Edition
Product ID: 9064704
Bug-A-Salt® 3.0 Yellow
Product ID: 9064705
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