Fishing Tools

Never feel like you're unprepared for your fishing trip again. These fishing tools are made to enhance your experience and make things a little easier for you while out on the water. You'll find the right tools here, from fishing knives and pliers to lip grips and fishing scales.

We all know the struggle of trying to put your fishing pole down to do something, but not finding a sturdy frame to hold it. You can feel confident setting your pole down and knowing it won’t go anywhere with one of our fishing rod holders.

How to Properly Fillet a Larger Fish:

  1. Use your fillet knife to make a deep slice about halfway through the fish behind its gills.
  2. Cut another slit along the dorsal side of the fish.
  3. Use the tip of your fishing knife blade to separate the flesh from the bones.
  4. The fish should open up and look like a book, making it easy to cut away the fillet.

Give it a mouth-watering taste with your favorite seasonings and spices!


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Silver Creek 6" Fillet Knife
Number: 0223BLS-C
Price: $24.99
T-Reign RGT Pliers with Carabiner
Number: 0TBP-0071
Price: $29.99
T-Reign RGT Forceps with Carabiner
Number: 0TBP-0191
Price: $15.99
Rapala®  Hawk Fillet Knife - 6-inch
Number: 126BX
Price: $5.99
Berkley® XCD Side Wire Cutters - 7 In.
Number: 1402795
Price: $9.99
Danielson® 28 Pound Pocket Scale with 38" Tape Measure
Number: 228
Price: $3.99
Danielson® 8 Pound Pocket Scale with 24" Tape Measure
Number: 259
Price: $3.79
Danielson® Heavy Duty Clamp On Rod Holder
Number: 366G
Price: $4.99
Danielson® Horizontal Mount Rod Rack
Number: 4122H
Price: $6.99
Danielson® Vertical Mount Rod Rack
Number: 4122V
Price: $6.99
Danielson® Clamp On Rod Holder
Number: 503
Price: $2.99
Danielson® Sand Spike Rod Holder
Number: 633
Price: $2.99
Danielson® Line Clipper with Lanyard
Number: 71
Price: $4.99
Danielson® 7-Snap Chain Stringer - 40-inch
Number: 7320
Price: $1.99
Danielson® 9-Snap Chain Stringer - 46-inch
Number: 9320
Price: $1.99
Danielson® Polycord Stringer - 6ft
Number: 9403PT6
Price: $0.69
Danielson® Polycord Stringer - 9ft
Number: 9403PT9
Price: $0.99
Angler's Accessories 5-inch Straight Smooth Jaw Basic Forceps
Number: AA5WS
Price: $3.99
Angler's Accessories 5.5-inch Super Heavy Duty Curved Forceps - Matte/Gold
Number: AA777C
Price: $6.99
Angler's Accessories Fisherman's Nippers - Black
Number: AA893B
Price: $3.99
Gehrke's Gink Dry Fly Dressing
Number: AAGINK
Price: $3.99
Angler's Accessories Invisible Net
Number: AAINV
Price: $24.99
Angler's Accessories Metal Invisible Net - Tear Drop
Price: $34.99
Gehrke's Xink Sinkant
Number: AAXINK
Price: $3.99
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