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Hand Crank and Solar Powered Emergency Radios

Hand Crank and Solar Powered Emergency Radios

When the weather takes a turn for the worse, or you need to know what's happening in your hometown, you'll be prepared with your emergency radio. And these aren't your parents' emergency radios: these solar-powered and hand-crank radios can pick up weather alerts, glow in the dark, and even charge your cell phone.

One of these radios might be your only connection to the outside world some day - so make sure you've got a good emergency radio you can rely on. We've chosen these radios for their durability, functionality, and usability in survival situations. Get notified of bad weather at home, out camping, or on vacation - you'll get up-to-date weather information with a good weather radio like these Etons. A portion of the Etons' sales goes to suport the Red Cross, so you're helping others in need when you order an Eton radio.

Some of these radios also provide light, and can play music through your headphones. Perfect for soothing the little ones to sleep while the storm rages outside the house or shelter. Be prepared with an emergency radio from Smith & Edwards.

EtonŽ Solar Crank Emergency Radio & Charger
Product ID: 3287422
ACE ARC Blackout Buddy
Product ID: 3465903
ACE Weather Radio Zone Guard
Product ID: 6239826
Wind & Go Portable Lantern & Radio
Product ID: AB7810
Midland E+Ready Hand Held Weather Alert Radio with NOAA
Product ID: EH55VP
Midland Emergency Compact Crank Radio
Product ID: ER210
Midland Emergency Compact Crank Radio
Product ID: ER310
Midland Emergency 2 Way Radios
Product ID: EX37VP
Midland Midland 18 Mile Radios
Product ID: LXT118
Midland Micro Mobile 2 Way Radios
Product ID: MXT115
$149.99 Sale: $149.99 $149.99
Midland X-Talker T31VP Two-Way Walkie Talkie - 2 Pack
Product ID: T31VP
Midland X-Talker 28 Mile Reach Radios
Product ID: T51VP3
Midland X-Talker 38 GMRS Camo Radio Set
Product ID: T75VP3
Midland X-Talker 36 Chanel 38 Mile Radio
Product ID: T77VP5