Clay Target Shooting

Pull! Smith & Edwards has options for all your clay pigeon launching needs. We carry single, double and triple EZ-throwers. MTM is a great company that makes their plastic clay target throwers here in the USA.



MTM Case-Gard® EZ-Throw II Clay Target Thrower
Number: 0898-0038
Price: $6.99
Champion® String Release Manual Trap Thrower
Number: CHA40901
Price: $29.99
Do All Outdoors Competitor String Release Trap Thrower
Number: CT101
Price: $34.99
MTM Case-Gard® EZ-3 Clay Target Thrower
Number: EZ3
Price: $6.99
MTM Case-Gard® EZ Double Target Thrower
Number: EZDT40
Price: $15.99