Canning Gadgets, Spices & Pectins

You've gotta have the best home canning supplies if you're going to be canning pickles, cherries, or peaches this year! Good news is, Smith & Edwards has got you covered.

Canning labels? Check. Canning funnel? Check. Jar lifter? Check. Lid wand? What's a lid wand? That's a magnetic tool you can lift canning jar lids out of your water and onto the canning jar - and check, we've got those, too. Even canning kits, great for gifts or simply the security of knowing you've got everything you need. Ladles, scoops, and canning labels, we've got everything you need to have a successful afternoon in the kitchen. Check out water bath canners and pressure canners here to round out the kit 'n caboodle.


Pectin and Fruit Preserve

Pectin and Fruit Preserve

Whether you prefer low or no-sugar pectin, or you love the original, we've got great pectins here that will have your jam and jellies set up with the perfect texture.

What pectin to use? The advantage of liquid pectin is it's already dissolved for you! However, the single-use packages can be a little messier, so if you already love using dry pectin, you can find it here and make jam the way you love.

Freezer jam pectin is a special type of pectin that allows you to skip cooking it in with the fruit! We've got great freezer containers here that are perfect for freezer jam. You'll also find ClearJel here, which will help you make the most delicious, light pie fillings. The whole family's going to love what comes out of your kitchen!

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Pie Fillings and Fruit Mixes

Pie Fillings and Fruit Mixes

Pumpkin, Spiced Peach, Fruit Pie, Forest Berry - doesn't that make your mouth water? Make your own pumpkin pie filling (also works great for pumpkin bread), as well as other yummy pie filling mixes that you can simply mix in with your fruit and bake into a delicious dessert. Even make your own homemade applesauce with perfectly balanced cinnamon & more applesauce spices.

Pies aren't the only things you can make with pie filling. Not by far! Put pie filling inside puff pastry for turnovers, or put in a cake or cupcakes instead of jam. Drizzle pie filling on top of vanilla ice cream or pancakes for a fruit-filled topping. And if your family and friends can't get enough of your pie filling, can some more and give it as a gift.

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Salsa Mixes and Tomato Spices

Salsa Mixes and Tomato Spices

When you've got a garden bursting with tomatoes, you need something to do with all of them! Here's your answer. Pouches of salsa mix, chili mix, spaghetti sauce mix, and pasta sauce mix will get your tomatoes processed into yummy sauces and dishes your whole family will love. Created in perfect portions, in easy-to-use pouches - no need to pull out 5 or 6 bottles and all the teaspoons - you'll love these mixes from Mrs. Wages.

Stay traditional, or get a little creative: you'll also find guacamole mix as well as flavorings for salsa verde, chipotle, and more. You can even make your own ketchup with ketchup mix - yum!

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Ball® Dissolvable Canning Labels
Number: 6209357
Price: $6.99
Bottle Mate® Canning Funnel
Number: MJE-BM100
Price: $8.99
Bubble Popper & Measurer
Number: 6194278
Price: $1.99
Jar Lifter
Number: 6130421
Price: $10.99
Magnetic Lid Wand
Number: 6166185
Price: $2.99
Norpro Canning Funnel
Number: 66111
Price: $3.99
Progressive Canning Funnel
Number: CKC-300
Price: $7.99
Stainless Steel Canning Funnel
Number: 6099691
Price: $9.99