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Wetfire Fire Starting Tinder - Pack of 8

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WetFire Tinder

* For use with the Sparkie, Blastmatch, or Strike ForceŽ firestarters
* 8-pack
* Long burn time
* Burns wet or dry
* Individually wrapped
* Non-toxic

Additional Information

It's not Greek fire, but it's close! This tinder will burn even if it's wet, and even if the ground's wet! Just get some sparks going with a flint or a firestarter, then add dry leaves, twigs, or small kindling to the flame to get a toasty fire going.

If the whole WetFire cube isn't used up on your trip, put it back in a ziploc bag and use it next time, within 3 months.

Shipping Weight: 0.14 LB

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