Two-Step Drinking Water Treatment

Product Number: 9586
Two-Step Drinking Water Treatment


$8.99 / EA

  • For emergency disinfection of drinking water
  • Treats up to 25 quarts
  • Iodine-based compound - no chlorine
  • Easy to use - no icky taste!

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Product Weight: 0.17 LB
Shipping Dimensions: 5.00" x 3.00" x 1.00"

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You should never be too careful about your drinking water! This 2-step water treatment will give you water to drink in an emergency situation. It may not be as clean as a mountain spring, but it's bacteriologically suitable - so drink up!

Instructions for use:
Step 1: Add 2 tablets to 1 quart or liter of water and cap loosely to allow a small amount of leakage. Wait 5 minutes.
Step 2: Shake container to allow screw threads on the closure to be moistened, then tighten cap. Wait 30 minutes before drinking.
To use Neutralizer:
Neutralizing tablets are for use AFTER water has been treated with Emergency Germicidal Drinking Water Tablets. Wait a minimum of 30 minutes after the addition of Drinking Water Tablets before using the neutralizer tablets. Adding the neutralizer tablets before 30 minutes may allow harmful bacteria to remain in the drinking water. Do not add emergency germicidal drinking water tablets and neutralizer tablets at the same time. Add 2 neutralizer tablets per quart of water. Shake container well. Wait 3 minutes before drinking. Tablets do not have to completely dissolve to be effective.
Then: Recap bottle tightly. Tablets must be kept dry.
Shelf Life:
Unopened - 4 years from date of manufacture.
Opened - 1 year from date of opening, or if they start to discolor.