Charles Viancin Poppy Silicone Lids

Style Number: CV29
Charles Viancin Poppy Silicone Lids

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  • Material: Food grade BPA free silicone
  • Temperatures: Max 428 F/ Min -40 F
  • Creates an airtight seal
  • Use in microwave, oven, refirgerator, freezer, & on stove top pot
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Eco friendly - No need for plastic wrap or aluminum foil
  • Fits on any smooth rimmed bowl or pot
  • Reusable
  • Prevent spills and splatters
  • Comes in a variety of sizes
  • 4" lid comes in set of 2, all others are sold individually
  • What size lid should you get?
    11" lids are designed to fit 10" bowls, 9" lids for 8.5" bowls, 8" lids for 7" bowls, and 6" lids for 5.5" bowls.


Product Details

Product Weight: 0.65 LB
Shipping Dimensions: 14.00" x 12.75" x 0.50"

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This darling new poppy lid is not only a great decorative piece, it is extremely versatile as well. Since it can withstand temperatures between -40 F and 428 F you can use it in the oven, microwave, fridge, freezer, or on your pots and pans while you are cooking on your stove top. I like to use mine when making rice, cooking in my frying pan, and as a decorative lid on dishes for parties. You will save time and money by not having to buy anymore plastic wrap and aluminum foil and you'll keep the bugs out while at the neighborhood barbecue. Since they provide an airtight seal, the 4" size works perfectly as an insulated lid for your mugs or cups to keep the hot drinks hot and the cold drinks cold. The 4" comes in a set of 2 - all other sizes are sold individually. They make terrific gifts!