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LodgeŽ Cast Iron Cornstick Pan - 7 Sticks

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Lodge Logic Cornstick Pan

* 7-Stick
* 12 inch x 5-1/2 inch pan
* Creates seven 5" x 1-3/4" x 3/4" corn-on-the-cob-shaped treats
* Pre-seasoned (Foundry Seasoned)
* Made in USA

Additional Information

Enjoy your cornbread baked in this fun, traditional pan! Your 7 cornbread sticks will come out shaped like an ear of corn, and the shallow 3/4" pan and cast iron build will give your cornbread a nice crispness - no more crumbling. Give it a shot of Pam or brush with oil for guaranteed easy-out baking.

To care for your your seasoned Lodge Cast Iron pans, clean the pan with a brush and hot water (not in the dishwasher). Towel dry immediately. Apply a light coating of oil while the pan is still warm - enough to restore the sheen, without being sticky. This will protect your cast iron pan from moisture and will allow you get a non-stick surface over years of use.

Shipping Weight: 5.00 LB

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