Brenn Hill's Rodeo Heaven CD

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Brenn Hill's Rodeo Heaven CD


  • Song titles:
  • High Country
  • Hey Dawson
  • Courage In The Saddle
  • Single Winter Rose
  • Finnigan
  • Bruneau Canyon
  • Purple Heart
  • A Mother's Love
  • Just Gettin' Started
  • Rodeo Heaven
  • Benny
  • The Buckaroo Fringe
  • Carissa
  • Horses In Heaven
  • Released in 2012

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Brenn Hill wrote 14 all new and original songs for this dynamic album that celebrates the life and courage of the cowboy. You get "live" studio recordings that capture the raw emotion and energy of Brenn and his all-star musicians.

Singer/Songwriter Brenn Hill is one of our Western heritage's strongest interpreters. He writes and sings from the heart and uses life's trials and troubles as his raw materials, connecting with the down-home western cowboy. His career spans 10 recordings, mostly all the music he has written himself, and almost 2 decades on the road. He's a dynamic solo performer and has won numerous industry awards and accolades.

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