Brenn Hill's Deeper than Mud CD

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Brenn Hill's Deeper than Mud CD


  • Song titles:
  • Roundup Fire
  • Wyoming Wind
  • Fall Comin' On
  • Hold It On The Road
  • The Wanderer's Song
  • Cottonwood
  • Deseret
  • Nighthorse
  • Reservation Will
  • Edge Of The World
  • High Rollin' Cowboy
  • Angels Can Do No More
  • Nightrider
  • Released in 1999

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This collection of songs portrays the elegance of the western dream as well as the realities of the challenges of ranch life. A must-have for your cowboy collection.

Singer/Songwriter Brenn Hill is one of our Western heritage's strongest interpreters. He writes and sings from the heart and uses life's trials and troubles as his raw materials, connecting with the down-home western cowboy. His career spans 10 recordings, mostly all the music he has written himself, and almost 2 decades on the road. He's a dynamic solo performer and has won numerous industry awards and accolades.

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