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Baxter Black's Cowboy Mentality Plus... 2 Disc CD Set

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Cowboy Mentality Poems & Tall Tales on CD by Baxter Black

Disc #1 track titles:
* Cowboy Mentality
* All Ranch Rodeo
* Cowboy Bride
* Veterinary Diagnostic Voice Mail
* Border Collie Soliloquy
* Shoein' Pigeye
* Horse Mumbler
* Prolapse From the Black Lagoon
* Calving Nighty
* Grafting Calves
* Night Man in the Heifer Lot
* It's What I Do
* Frank and Flynt
* My Kinda Truck / Car Wash
* Duck and Run Olympics
* Cajun Dance
* Keep it Cowboy
Disc #2 track titles:
* 1 The Big One That Got Away Blues
* Hunter's Son
* Diana, Goddess of the Hunt
* Deer Rasslin'
* Goose Season
* Chicken Run
* Demon Chili
* Hunting Camp Cook
* Outfitters Jerky
* Elk Hunt
* Visiting Dogs
* Ol' Rookie
* Wilderness Wall
* The Toast
* Trouting
* Perfect Gift
* Cowboy Ghost Story
* Cowboy's Curse

Additional Information

This 2 CD set will keep you laughing and reminiscing with some of Baxter's most popular stories like "Cowboy Mentality" and "The Big One that Got Away."

Baxter Black is a cowboy poet, former large animal veterinarian and entertainer of those who love all things cowboy. He's a well-loved western storyteller and poet with over one million books and audios sold, a weekly column, a weekly radio program, and a weekly television program.

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