Work Gloves & Aprons

There's nothing like getting a new pair of gloves and having them open up and getting' POKED the first week on the job. Get serious: Yellowstone Gloves are what you need!

Our customers love Yellowstone gloves, we've carried them for over 40 years. Click here to read about Yellowstone Gloves, based in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Made in USA, these deerskin gloves stand up to barbed wire and anything else you put them through. For the price of 1 pair, you'll find they outlast three or four more pairs of cheaper gloves. Plus, you'll find cowhide, elkskin, and other types of work gloves here for you.

You'll find the work gloves that'll work hard for you at Smith & Edwards. One neat thing about Yellowstone gloves is all the seams are on the sides and fingers, so you have seamless backs and seamless palms on your gloves.

Invest in your work gear because it'll take care of you on the job site! Smith & Edwards has been around since 1947, a family company based out of Utah. We proudly carry other solid brands that will take care of you, like Carhartt, Yellowstone Glove, and Wrangler. (Click here to shop all Workwear.) We've carried Yellowstone Gloves since the 1980s out of Idaho Falls and we've always been pleased with their quality. Your gloves are made out of hides from local hunters and made in the USA. Thank you for your business and come back & visit often!



Number: YG788GB
Price: $15.99
Ys Foam Lined Elkskin Gloves
Number: YG695
Price: $37.99
YS Deerskin
Number: YG498D
Price: $31.99
White Eagle Goatskin Palm Mechanics Gloves
Number: YG2153
Price: $17.99
Golden Eagle Deerskin Palm Mechanics Gloves
Number: YG2150A
Price: $21.99
Kids 2150 Yellowstone Gloves
Number: YG2150
Price: $15.99
Super Soft Deerskin Gloves
Number: WL962
Price: $24.99
Kids' Suede Cowhide Leather Work Gloves
Number: WL952M
Price: $5.99
Forney® Large Split Leather Welding Gloves - Grey
Number: FOR55200
Price: $15.99
Forney® Large Economy Welding Gloves
Number: FOR55199
Price: $8.59
Forney® Large Heavy-Duty Welding Gloves - Blue
Number: FOR53422
Price: $21.99
Forney® Double-Dipped PVC Gloves - Large
Number: FOR53354
Price: $5.99
Anchor Brand® Side Split Welding Sleeves
Number: COM710-12
Price: $49.99
Leather Farrier Apron
Number: 29-00
Price: $74.99
Economy Leather Hay Apron
Number: 27-00
Price: $84.99
Heavy Leather Hay Apron
Number: 25-00
Price: $93.99