Winter Hats & Cold Gear

Heat rises! Keep warm with a beanie or face mask by Carhartt®. Whether you're in the oil fields of North Dakota or working construction in Utah, when you keep your ears and head warm, the bitter cold won't get to you as much.

Make sure and pick up work gloves and work jackets. We ship everywhere in the USA, so if it's tough to get to a store because you're working all hours of the day & night.... Smith & Edwards has you covered. Up to a pound is just $5.95 and you won't pay more than $14.95 unless you're ordering more than 10 pounds of gear. Stay warm out there!


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Carhartt® Acrylic Watch Hat
Number: A18
Adrenaline Balaclava Black
Number: 11G31055029
Price: $19.99
Sitka Blizzard Beanie
Number: 90077OBOSFA
Price: $79.00
CAT Trademark Knit Cap
Number: 1128097155OSFA
Price: $16.99
Sitka Dakota Beanie
Number: 90064WLOSFA
Price: $49.00
ICEtrekkers Diamond Grip
Price: $39.99
Carhartt® 2-in-1 Pull-Down Face Mask
Number: A202
Price: $12.99
Carhartt® Fleece Neck Gaiter
Number: A204BLKOFA
Price: $9.99
Howler Face Toaster Black
Number: 10G31688029
Price: $17.99
Howler Multi-tasker Black
Number: 11G31630029
Price: $31.99
HT Enterprises Sure Grip All-Purpose Treads
Number: HTSGT
Price: Starting at $7.99
ICEtrekkers Chains
Price: Starting at $19.99
Rothco® Genuine G.I. Jeep Cap - Black
Number: RT7708
Price: $12.99
Rothco® Genuine G.I. Jeep Cap - OD
Number: RT7709
Price: $12.99
Minstral Bandana Blk
Number: 10G31671029
Price: $15.99
Minstral Multi-tskr Pro Blk
Number: 10G31670029
Price: $21.99
Sitka Neck Gaiter - Waterfowl
Number: 90073WLOSFA
Price: $35.00
Original Peet Boot & Shoe Dryer
Number: PSDM97
Price: $44.99
Rothco® Men's ECWCS Poly Thermal Bottoms - Black
Number: RT6245
Price: Starting at $19.99
Rothco® Men's ECWCS Poly Thermal Crew Neck Top - Black
Number: RT6118
Price: Starting at $27.99
Rothco® Men's ECWCS Poly Thermal Zip Collar Shirt - Black
Number: RT6240S
Price: Starting at $29.99
Under Armour® Men's Base 2.0 Leggings
Number: 1281108
Price: $54.99
Under Armour® Women's Base 3.0 Leggings
Number: 1280945
Price: $74.99
Under Armour® Men's Base 3.0 Leggings
Number: 1281109
Price: $74.99
Under Armour® Women's Base 4.0 Leggings
Number: 1280946
Price: $84.99
Carhartt® Knit Hat with Visor - Heather
Number: A164CLHOFA
Price: $9.99
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