Water Filtration, Storage, & Backpacks

Wherever you're camping or hiking, even just building an emergency kit at home, Smith and Edwards has your emergency water solutions.

When you're hiking or camping in the woods, there's no sweeter sound than a trickling brook or the roar of a river. But you know better than to refill your water bottle and take a drink!

It's easy to purify your water with modern tools. We've got water filters, which are perfect for taking out bacteria and chemicals. They're a camper's favorite, never leave home without a water filter when you're headed for the trail! Iodine water tablets will also kill bacteria for you. And while you're at the river, you might as well take more water with you, so grab a couple hydration packs or bladders so you can keep hiking and exploring nature. We've even got packs of water you can keep with your camping gear so you've always got emergency water.


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Coghlan's Bota Bag
Number: 0741
Price: $14.99
Price Spigot for 5 Gallon Carrier
Number: 3003
Price: $2.99
Emergency Drinking Water Tablets
Number: 7620
Price: $6.99
Two-Step Drinking Water Treatment
Number: 9586
Price: $8.99
Stanley 24oz Wide Mouth Bottle
Number: 87962
Price: $35.99
Reliance 5 Gallon Fold-A-Carrier
Number: 5000-13
Price: $11.99
Katadyn Hiker, Hiker Pro, & Base Camp Replacement Element
Number: 8014644
Price: $54.99
Katadyn Vario Microfilter Water Filtration System
Number: 8014931
Price: $109.99
Katadyn Hiker Microfilter Water Filtration System
Number: 8018270
Price: $74.99
Reliance 7 Gallon Big Blue Aqua-Tainer
Number: 9410-03
Price: $24.99
Armor-dillo 4 Gal
Number: 9649-03
Price: $24.99
Coleman® 5 Gallon Water Carrier
Number: 5620B718G
Price: $15.99
Water Heater Filter Adapter
Number: A67008
Price: $4.99
Frontier Plus Replacement Filter
Number: A67031
Price: $14.99
2 Oz Water Treatment Drops
Number: A67204
Price: $19.99
Water Basics Rep Filter Blu Line
Number: A67255
Price: $14.99
Water Basics Bottle Red
Number: A67258
Price: $39.99
3l Hydration Engine
Number: A67642
Price: $49.99
Aquamira Water Treatment Drops 1 oz
Number: AQU67202
Price: $14.99
Aquamira Water Ready Replacement Filter
Number: AQU67254
Price: $16.99
CamelBak® Lobo Hydration Pack - Black
Number: CAM1118001000
Price: $89.99
CamelBak® Rogue Hydration Pack - Black/Graphite
Number: CAM1120002000
Price: $59.99
CamelBak® Rogue Hydration Pack - Racing Red/Silver
Number: CAM1120602000
Price: $59.99
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