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Water Bath and Steam Canners

Water Bath and Steam Canners

Your water bath canner is your #1 tool for canning pickles, berries, zucchini, and more! Get a quality waterbath canner here and you'll love using it for years. (You can click here to find canning racks, lifters, and much more helpful canning tools!)

You'll also find steam canners here! They do the same job as waterbath canners, although the USDA doesn't recommend them for home canning, because a water bath for canning does a better job of transmitting heat all the way through to the center of the jars, which kills bacteria and seals the can. But if you've been steam canning for years and just finally need a new canner, we've got a great selection here for you. For more information about how to use steam canners, check out this article from Utah State University.

Click here to explore Pressure Canners, which are what you need to can beans, meat, milk, and other low-acid foods.

21-1/2 Quart Canner with Rack
Product ID: 62274
Roots & Branches® Aluminum Steam Canner with Gauge
Product ID: VKP1054
Roots & Branches® 20 Quart Stainless Steel Multi-Use Canner
Product ID: VKP1130