Specialty Pans & Presses

Have fun with your cast iron! Check out our mini skillets, perfect for frying an egg or resting your spoon on. You can check out the perfect cast iron panini press to match your grill pan for perfect sandwiches. Any special-use cast iron pan you want, we've got it here.

Our Housewares buyer Vickie's found the fun mini cast iron skillets, grill-lined panini presses, and specialty pans to take your cast iron cooking to the next level.

Make mouthwatering sandwiches, flat crispy bacon, grilled cheese and fresh-grilled veggies, and so much more with these cast iron presses. Hefty and non-stick with the right amount of oiled seasoning, a cast iron press will become your new best friend in the kitchen! And whether you're making single eggs at a time in the campfire or muffins at home, these mini skillets are the perfect size - or let one decorate your stove as a cast iron spoon rest.

Plus you'll find other single-serving cast iron pans here - the country kettle holds enough ice cream, pie filling, or salsa for someone sitting at your campfire (or at home on the couch). And stir fry meals taste so good made in a cast iron wok - with a prewarmed cast iron pan that size, your thin-cut meat and vegetables will be cooked in no time, then add some precooked noodles and seasonings for cast-iron heaven. Enjoy!



Lodge® 8-1/4" Cast Iron Ribbed Square Panini Press
Number: LPP3
Price: $19.99
Lodge® 8-1/4" Cast Iron Square Panini Press
Number: LFIP3
Price: $19.99
Lodge® 14" Cast Iron Wok
Number: P14W3
Price: $119.90
Camp Chef® Cast Iron Bacon Panini Press
Number: BACP
Price: $19.99
Camp Chef® Skookie Cast Iron Skillet
Number: CICS7C
Price: $29.99