Skillets & Fryers

Roast up some potatoes 'n onions, eggs, steaks, and even cornbread with these traditional, time-tested cast iron skillets. It doesn't take much heat to cook because of cast iron's superior heat retention. Cast iron pans work great on all cooking surfaces - move from the stove to the oven to a potholder to serve up - and gives you excellent flavor.

Lodge® cast iron skillets come pre-seasoned, with a bit of vegetable oil on them - and when you first get yours, keep adding a little oil every time until you get that famous non-stick surface (without chemicals!). These cast iron frying pans will serve you for a lifetime of good cooking.

Not sure which one to choose? A 10-inch cast iron skillet is a good size for just about any meal, and a good weight to handle. We've got silicone skillet handle holders so you don't have to worry about minding all the potholders!

Vickie's got a great selection of Camp Chef & Lodge® cast iron skillets to add to your collection - and she knows because she's watched thousands of people choose their own first cast iron skillet - and knows quite a bit about campfire cooking herself. Vickie's tip: If your cast iron skillet gets rusty, pour some Coke on it and scrub with a scouring pad. Give it some time, and the rust will come right off!

Cleaning your cast iron Lodge® frying pans is simple. Just remember to keep them out of the dishwasher to prevent rust! To clean up after dinner or breakfast, clean out your pan with a warm, watery rag or soft brush - stay away from soap to preserve your seasoning. Then put a little oil on a rag and re-season the pan with a bit of heat to finish, and it'll be ready for the next meal!



Lodge® 3-1/2" Miniature Cast Iron Skillet
Number: LMS3
Price: $7.99
Lodge® 5" Square Cast Iron Wonder Skillet
Number: L5WS3
Price: $11.99
Lodge® 6-1/2" Cast Iron Skillet
Number: L3SK3
Price: $23.90
Lodge® 8" Cast Iron Skillet
Number: L5SK3
Price: $19.99
Lodge® 10" Seasoned Steel Skillet
Number: CRS10
Price: $89.90
Lodge® 10-1/4" Cast Iron Skillet
Number: L8SK3
Price: $24.99
Lodge® 10-1/4" Cast Iron Deep Skillet
Number: L8DSK3
Price: $29.90
Lodge® 10.25 Inch Cast Iron Buffalo Nickel Skillet
Number: L8SK3BN
Price: $24.90
Camp Chef® 10" Cast Iron Skillet
Number: SK10
Price: $24.99
Camp Chef® 12" Cast Iron Skillet
Number: SK12
Price: $29.99
Camp Chef® 14" Cast Iron Skillet
Number: SK14
Price: $39.99
Camp Chef® 8" Cast Iron Skillet
Number: SK8
Price: $19.99
Lodge® 10-1/2" Square Cast Iron Skillet
Number: L8SQ3
Price: $39.90
Lodge® 12" Cast Iron Skillet
Number: L10SK3
Price: $29.99
Lodge® 12" Seasoned Steel Skillet
Number: CRS12
Price: $44.90
Lodge® 13-1/4" Cast Iron Skillet
Number: L12SK3
Price: $44.99
Lodge® 15-3/4" Cast Iron Skillet
Number: L14SK3
Price: $49.99
Lodge® 17" Cast Iron Skillet
Number: L17SK3
Price: $69.99