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Portable Emergency Shelters

Portable Emergency Shelters

You won't have to worry about building a shelter from scratch when you're in a survival situation - in the woods, in the snow, in your car, or in any emergency. Simply prepare the area, make sure you're well-fed, and then tuck in for the night in a portable shelter. You can also use these bivvys and shelters while waiting for help, not even overnight, then pack it back up for next time.

With an emergency shelter or tent already in your survival kit, 72-hour kit, or car emergency kit, you'll be two steps ahead of any situation. Wait out the storm, wind, bad weather, or spend the night in one of these portable shelters.

When you're under evacuation orders or just out camping or hiking, you can use one of these portable tents as a tarp or ground sheet, if you don't need immediate shelter. These shelters are highly versatile, lightweight, and will really come in handy in a huge range of situations. Prepare today for tomorrow's unknowns. A portable shelter is always a smart choice - and we've chosen the best for you to choose from here at Smith & Edwards.

SOL Thermal Bivvy
Product ID: 0140-1223
SOL Sport Utility Blanket
Product ID: 0140-1224
SOL Escape Lite Bivvy
Product ID: 0140-1227
Coghlan's Tube Tent
Product ID: 8760
Coghlan's 3 Mil Polyethylene Survival Bag
Product ID: 8765
Beach/Sport Shelter
Product ID: CAR800101
Stansport Cabana Privacy Shelter
Product ID: STA74782