Lids, Covers & Knobs

Lodge makes cast iron lids and covers for just about every size of skillet, griddle, and Dutch Oven they make. We've got the cast iron and glass covers and lids you need for simmering and steaming delicious meals for your family.

Missing a lid? We've got the size you need. Hint: The lid measurement is the diameter, which matches our measurements for the opening of Lodge skillets and pans. So a 10-1/4" lid fits a 10-1/4" skillet.

Smith & Edwards is the place to find those hard-to-track-down things for your home and life. Cast iron lids being one of those things! You might have inherited your cast iron cookware from your mother, grandmother, or even from a good friend or a garage sale - and sure enough, these Lodge lids will fit those skillets and griddle pans made generations ago!

Whether you're making fruit crumble in your dutch oven, steaming up vegetables in a skillet, or replacing the plastic knob with a nice 'n shiny stainless steel knob (it's much easier to grip with a potholder than the plastic ones!) you'll be glad you got yourself a cast iron lid today.



Blackstone® Stainless Steel 10 in. x 10 in. Culinary Griddle Blasting Cover - 1 Piece
Number: 8065795
Price: $31.99
Blackstone® Stainless Steel Egg Rings - 7 Piece
Number: 8082746
Price: $31.99
Lodge® 12" Cast Iron Skillet Lid
Number: L10SC3
Price: $29.99
Lodge® 13-1/4" Cast Iron Skillet Lid
Number: L12SC3
Price: $39.99
Lodge® 9" Cast Iron Skillet Lid
Number: L6SC3
Price: $19.99
Lodge® 10-1/4" Cast Iron Skillet Lid
Number: L8IC3
Price: $22.99