There's always a longing for that penny candy that you can't seem to find in stores anymore. This season at Smith & Edwards, you can get the hard-to-find candy and specialty treats you've been wishing for!

The sweet taste of old-fashioned hard candy, the chewy sweetness of Haribo Gold-Bears and Tootsie Roll Frooties, the rich and dark taste of Australian licorice or Cacao Flicks... we've got the sweets you're hankering for. (At great prices, too!) We'll pack your goodies with care and send them to your doorstep - or come pick them up in-store - for a sweet treat.

Our expert on old-fashioned and hard-to-find candy, Jean keeps our candy barrels filled to the brim. Her secret to buying candy? Don't play favorites! Every flavor and texture is someone's prized treat.
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BYU Pez Candy & Dispenser
Number: A3104841
Price: $1.79
U of U Pez Candy & Dispenser
Number: A3104858
Price: $1.79
Claeys Anise Hard Candy
Number: CC621
Price: $1.19
Claeys Sassafras Hard Candy
Number: CC641
Price: $1.19
Claeys Green Apple Hard Candy
Number: CC691
Price: $1.19
Claeys Natural Peppermint Hard Candy
Number: CC696
Price: $1.19
Caramel Apple Sugar Babies
Number: CD53325
Price: $0.99
Smarties Pops Jar Wrapped 120ct
Number: CDC1165
Price: $12.00
Darrell Lea Original flavored, soft eating liquorice
Number: DL07938
Price: $2.99
Darrell Lea Strawberry flavored, soft eating liquorice
Number: DL07939
Price: $2.99
Darrell Lea Mango flavored, soft eating liquorice
Number: DL07948
Price: $2.99
Derrell Lea® Strawberry Twists Bites - 10oz
Number: DL7952
Price: $2.49
Derrell Lea® Grape Twists Bites - 10oz
Number: DL7953
Price: $2.49
Chewy Lemonhead® Pink Lemonade Box - 0.8 oz.
Number: DOT630020
Price: $0.25
Lemonhead® Box - 0.8 oz.
Number: DOT630826
Price: $0.25
Chewy Lemonhead® Tropical Box - 0.8 oz.
Number: DOT630828
Price: $0.25
Chewy Lemonhead® Redrific® Box - 0.8 oz.
Number: DOT630830
Price: $0.25
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