Hats & Gloves

You always find brands and styles you want at great prices here at Smith and Edwards. Our camo baseball hats and hunting hats are no exception. Browse through popular brands you love to wear in camo patterns you are looking for.

Whether it be camo baseball hats for everyday use or hunting hats for that special trip, hats are such a great accessory - and sometimes an essential one. We'll equip you with the popular patterns you are looking for, like the Realtree® and Mossy Oak® patterns, that will allow you to coordinate with the rest of your gear. When you are ready, delve into our great array of men's camo shirts and jackets to find more matching items when concealment is of the essence.....or hey, you just want to look good!



Browning®  Men's Orange Safety Cap
Number: 30840501
Price: $9.99
Hot Shot® Defender Core Hunting Gloves - Realtree Edge Camo
Number: 0E206C
Price: Starting at $12.99
Smith & Edwards Snow Camo Cap
Number: 301ISAPS
Price: $9.99
Smith & Edwards Logo Blaze Orange Hunter's Cap
Number: 301ISBZ
Price: $9.99
Smith & Edwards Logo Realtree Max-5® Cap
Number: 301ISMX5
Price: $9.99
Blaze Orange Hunting Cap
Number: 350BZ
Price: $6.99
Realtree Max-1® Twill Cap
Number: 350M1
Price: $6.99
Realtree AP® Snow Twill Cap
Number: 350SN
Price: $6.99
Glacier Glove® Max-5 Waterproof Decoy Gloves
Number: 899MA
Price: $29.99
Smith & Edwards® Blaze Cap
Number: CGW115CBLZ
Price: $9.99
Smith & Edwards® Edge Camo Cap
Number: CGW115CEDG
Price: $9.99
Smith & Edwards® Timber Camo Cap
Number: CGW115CTBR
Price: $9.99
Ducks Unlimited Realtree Max-5® Cap
Number: DU21XMX5
Price: $9.99
Kryptek Typhon Cap
Number: TAC600
Price: $9.99
USA Flag Highlander Camo Cap
Number: USA200
Price: $9.99
USA Flag Black Typhon Cap
Number: USA200TY
Price: $9.99