Freeze-Dried Meal Pouches

Just what you were looking for! Mountain House freeze dried food in several flavors to give you the energy you need on your trek. From meals to wraps to even desserts, just add water to create a filling meals.

About Freeze-Dried Meals

Out in the woods or taking shelter in the basement, it's simple to get a square meal in a short amount of time. For Mountain House freeze-dried dinners, all you have to do is open up the package, discard the oxygen absorber, and add the specified amount of boiling water. Stir thoroughly, then zip the pouch closed. (Need camp cutlery? Click here for our picks.) Let the meal pouch set a bit. Then open it up, stir, and serve up. You can eat right out of the pouch, or serve over rice or veggies and make a meal you can share with your buddies.

For breakfast, like our Bacon Scrambled Eggs or Scrambled Eggs with Peppers & Ham, it's the same deal, although with less water and less waiting. Don't forget the Tobasco Sauce!

For Mountain House Wraps like Buffalo Style Chicken and Chicken Fajita, cook 'em up in the pouch, then spread the filling over your tortilla with lettuce, or mix in rice or green beans for a nourishing meal.

And Freeze dried desserts - you'll have to check the package! The Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich is ready to eat - no water necessary. To make the Raspberry Crumble, add hot water and stir or shake it up to prepare your yummy dessert on the trail. Enjoy!

Freeze-Dried Food Hints

Play with the amount of water you use and how long you let it sit - just an extra 5 minutes can really bring out the flavor and texture. If you're in a cold climate, wrap the pouch with an extra scarf or shirt to hold the heat in as it cooks.


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Basekamp® Beef Stroganoff
Number: BK001
Price: $9.99
Basekamp® Cheesy Lasagna with Sausage
Number: BK002
Price: $9.99
Basekamp® Muesli Breakfast Cereal
Number: BK004
Price: $9.99
Basekamp® Chicken and Rice with BBQ Sauce
Number: BK005
Price: $9.99
Basekamp® Pork and Rice
Number: BK007
Price: $9.99
Backpacker's Pantry® Kung Pao Chicken
Number: BP102434
Price: $8.99
Backpacker's Pantry® Pad Thai with Chicken
Number: BP102447
Price: $9.99
Mountain House Rice & Chicken - 2 Servings
Number: M50105
Price: $7.99
Mountain House Beef Stroganoff - 2 Servings
Number: M50119
Price: $7.99
Rice and Chicken - 3 Servings
Number: M53105
Price: $8.99
Mountain House Chicken Noodle Casserole
Number: M53110
Price: $9.99
Beef Stew - 2.5 Servings
Number: M53114
Price: $9.99
Chicken Teriyaki with Rice - 2.5 Servings
Number: M53124
Price: $8.99
Sweet & Sour Pork with Rice - 2.5 Servings
Number: M53134
Price: $9.99
Macaroni and Cheese - 3 Servings
Number: M53158
Price: $7.99
Mountain House Chicken and Dumplings
Number: M53173
Price: $7.99
Biscuits and Gravy - 2 Servings
Number: M53326
Price: $7.99
Scrambled Eggs with Ham - 2 Servings
Number: M53425
Price: $7.99