Food Dehydrator Trays and Screens

Looking for more trays and screens for your Food Dehydrator? You'll find the perfect food dehydrator trays to fit your drier, and some great dehydrator screens, too.

Check out the Clean-a-Screen, which fits Nesco and American Harvest dehydrators, that will make drying fruit a cinch. No more scraping seeds or stickum off the screen: these plastic screens are dishwasher safe and flexible. And the fruit roll-up sheet is perfect for drying out soups, sauces, and fruit purees into leathery strips, perfect for snacktime or out on the trail. You'll love using the great food dehydrator accessories here!



Nesco® Fruit Roll Dehydrator Sheet - Pack of 2
Number: 61860
Price: $11.99
Nesco® Add-A-Tray - Pack of 2
Number: 61864
Price: $27.99
Nesco® Add-A-Tray - Pack of 2
Number: 6192306
Price: $13.99
Presto® Dehydrator Tray - Pack of 2
Number: NP06306
Price: $18.99
Presto® Food Screen - Pack of 2
Number: NP06307
Price: $9.99
Presto® Fruit Roll Sheets - Pack of 2
Number: NP06308
Price: $9.99