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Buy FR Clothing

Buy FR Clothing

Get the gear you need that'll keep you safe: flame resistant shirts and pants from brands like Wrangler, Ariat, and Cinch. Wear the style of clothing you like while being compliant and safe on the job.

It shouldn't cost a fortune to get the right gear for work. You'll find affordable FR clothing at Smith & Edwards - and good shipping rates - so you can get the clothing you need with money left over to get your kiddo a toy.

Whether you're working a site in the oilfields of North Dakota or you're a contractor or electrician in your town, you'll want some reliable fire resistant workwear to keep you safe. We ship everywhere in the US from our store in Utah. If you need work boots, more men's workwear, or heck even fishin' gear, make sure and come to Smith & Edwards. We have EVERYTHING you need for work AND for fun!

Carhartt® Force Men's Flame-Resistant Long-Sleeve T-Shirt
Product ID: 100235
Starting at $57.99
Carhartt® Men's Flame-Resistant Duck Traditional Coat
Product ID: 101618
Starting at $199.99
Carhartt® Men's Flame-Resistant Duck Active Coat w/ Hood
Product ID: 101621
Ariat FR Blue Plaid Shirt
Product ID: 10012248
Ariat FR M4 Lowrise Boot
Product ID: 10012555
Ariat Men's M3 Fire Resistant Loose Flint Denim Jeans
Product ID: 10014449
Wrangler® Men's Flame Resistant Long Sleeve Plaid Button Up Shirt
Product ID: FR124
Starting at $64.95
Wrangler Men's Western Flame Resistant Work Jeans
Product ID: FR13MWZ
Starting at $59.95
Wrangler® Men's Riggs Workwear Flame Resistant Carpenter Jeans
Product ID: FR3W020
Wrangler Men's Riggs Workwear Flame Resistant Relaxed Fit Jeans
Product ID: FR3W050
Starting at $54.95
Cinch Men's White Label WRX Flame Resistant Jeans
Product ID: MP7883
Starting at $69.99