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First Aid & Survival

First Aid & Survival

It's important as you venture out into your grand adventure that you are prepared for anything mother nature throws your way. Shop Smith and Edwards for the ultimate collection of survival and first aid kits.

Each of the first aid kits are great for backpacking, trail riding, and camping. They are compact and easy to store in your gear in your gear without taking up any space. You'll also find 72 hour kits that are great to store in your camping supplies, they feature options that will keep you prepared for any situation you may face in the great outdoors.

You'll also find more supplies for emergency preparedness by clicking here. You'll find an even greater selection of trail riding must haves and awesome camping and hiking gear that will prepare you for any adventure or emergency situation you find yourself in.

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Coghlan's No-See-Um Head Net
Product ID: 0160
Lifeline Base Camp First Aid Kit
Product ID: 4150
Coghlan's 3 Mil Polyethylene Survival Bag
Product ID: 8765
Trek I First Aid Kit
Product ID: 9801
Coghlan's Trek II First Aid Kit
Product ID: 9802
Coghlan's Trek III First Aid Kit
Product ID: 9803
Universal Surgical Instrument Kit
Product ID: 10-7688
After BiteŽ Original Insect Bite Itch Eraser
Product ID: 0006-1060
Ben's-100 Tick & Insect Repellent - 1.25oz
Product ID: 0006-7070
Adventure Medical Kits First Aid 1.0
Product ID: 0120-0210
Adventure Medical Kits Pocket Survival Pak
Product ID: 0140-0707
SOL Sport Utility Blanket
Product ID: 0140-1224
SOL Escape Lite Bivvy
Product ID: 0140-1227
SOL Escape Bivvy
Product ID: 0140-1228
Adventure Medical Kits Moleskin Blister Dressings
Product ID: 0155-0400
Zip-It First Aid Kit
Product ID: EFA129
Lifeline Survival in a Bottle
Product ID: LFA4742
Lifeline First Aid in a Bottle
Product ID: LFA4772
Dr. Scholl's Moleskin Plus Padding
Product ID: LM14800
Peregrine Ultralight Compression Sack - Green
Product ID: LM329110
Peregrine Ultralight Compression Sack - Berry
Product ID: LM329111
Stansport Velvet Handwarmer Case
Product ID: STA628
Stansport Handwarmer Fuel Sticks - Pack of 12
Product ID: STA629
24 found, showing page 1 of 1
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