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While you're looking for workwear or Dutch oven supplies, make sure and pick out a toy animal or figurine. Your kids will love playing with the toy horses, cows, chickens & more from our favorite brands: Schleich, John Deere tractors, and Breyer.

You'll love the look of delight on the faces of your children as they imagine these Schleich animals coming to life in their hands: the beautiful Icelandic pony's mane blowing in the breeze, and the playful kid goats and calves playing - in the sandbox, in the playroom, or outside in the sun.

The handpainted, realistic Schleich figurines are the best farm animal toys for your child. Unlock hours of playtime and add to their collection on birthdays. These farm animal collectibles are durable and quality-made that your child might pass them on to their own children someday.


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B2B Replicas® John Deere® 1:16 Big Farm 7330 Tractor - Green
Number: RC246096P
Price: $32.99
Boon® Water Bugs™ Bath Toys with Net
Number: RC2B932A5
Price: $7.99
Breyer® Freedom Series™ Stable Feeding Accessories Set
Number: BR61075
Price: $14.99
Breyer® Two-Horse Trailer Toy
Number: BR2617
Price: $49.99
Melissa & Doug® Fold & Go Barn Wooden Playset
Number: MD3700
Price: $69.99
Melissa & Doug® Horse Carrier Wooden Playset
Number: MD4097
Price: $19.99
Melissa & Doug® Wooden Farm Train Toy Set
Number: MD4545
Price: $24.99
Schleich® Pinto Stallion Figurine
Number: SCH13794
Price: $8.99
Schleich® Tinker Foal Figurine
Number: SCH13774
Price: $5.99
Schleich® Tinker Mare Figurine
Number: SCH13773
Price: $8.99
Stihl® Toy Chainsaw
Number: 9065837
Price: $34.99
THiNAiR® Crazy Truck - Tractor Assort
Number: THCT580
Price: $4.99
Tomy® Case IH® 1:64 Harvest Farm Toy Set
Number: RC247004
Price: $19.99
Tomy® Case IH® 1:64 Magnum 380 Cnp Tractor
Number: RC246502
Price: $9.99
Tomy® Case IH® 1:64 Magnum 380 Tractor
Number: RC247166
Price: $6.99
Tomy® Case IH® 1:64 Pink Tractor with Loader
Number: RC246705
Price: $4.99
Tomy® Case IH® 1:64 Prestige Series Trident 5550 Combination Applicator
Number: RC244182
Price: $29.99
Tomy® Case IH® 1:64 Tractor Puller
Number: RC237917
Price: $2.99
Tomy® Case IH® 1:64 Vintage Tractor
Number: RC246573V
Price: $4.99
Tomy® Case® IH AFS 340 Magnum Tractor Replica
Number: RC247317
Price: $14.99
Tomy® Case® IH™ Magnum 380 Tractor Keychain
Number: RC244204
Price: $3.99
Tomy® Dodge® Ram™ Replica with Trailer and Bales
Number: RC214855
Price: $18.99
Tomy® Grain Trailer Replica
Number: RC246594
Price: $5.99
Tomy® John Deere® 15 in. Big Scoop™ Dump Truck
Number: RC235766VBF
Price: $21.99
Tomy® John Deere® 1:16 6030 Tractor
Number: RC245740
Price: $49.99
Tomy® John Deere® 1:32 6210 Tractor with Loader and Manure Spreader
Number: RC215488
Price: $49.99
Tomy® John Deere® 1:32 Ford F350 Pickup and Tractor with Gooseneck Trailer
Number: RC246630
Price: $29.99
Tomy® John Deere® 1:32 Lawn Tractor
Number: RC246570V
Price: $5.99
Tomy® John Deere® 1:32 RSX860I Gator
Number: RC246801
Price: $11.99
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