Enamel Cast Iron Cookware

You're not in the wrong place - cast iron doesn't just come in black anymore! Experience the bright variety of cast iron cookware that's coated with a vibrant enamel layer of color. Standing toe-to-toe with brands like Le Creuset at much better prices, Smith and Edwards has a great selection of colored cast iron cookware for you to fill your kitchen with - explore!

Our Housewares buyer Vickie's got a wide assortment of enameled cast iron cookware for you to liven up your kitchen! She knows the colors and fun shapes you want to bring to potlucks, cookoffs, church dinners, and more. Your meals will look as delicious as they smell in a color enamel LodgeŽ cast iron dish.

Panini presses and grill pans to Dutch ovens and casserole dishes - put your hard-working kitchen tools on display! With these gorgeous colors of cast iron pans, it'd be a shame to put them away in a cupboard. These LodgeŽ enamel cast iron pans and dishes are too pretty to hide. Made from the same cast iron as their LodgeŽ siblings, just with a tough coat of colorful porcelain, you'll love cooking and serving up meals with this cookware.

LodgeŽ color enamel cookware has received rave reviews from magazines like Good Housekeeping and Fine Cooking. It's also been a hit with professional chefs, test kitchens, and home cooks. Imported from China, LodgeŽ's lines of FDA-approved, enamel-coated cast iron cookware are stylish in appearance and produce mouthwatering dishes.



Lodge® 3-Quart Blue Enamel Dutch Oven, 10"
Number: EC3D33
Price: $59.99
Lodge® 3-Quart Red Enamel Dutch Oven, 10"
Number: EC3D43
Price: $99.90
Lodge® 4.5-Quart Blue Enamel Dutch Oven, 10"
Number: EC4D33
Price: $69.90
Lodge® 4.5-Quart Red Enamel Dutch Oven, 10"
Number: EC4D43
Price: $67.99
Lodge® 6-Quart Red Enamel Dutch Oven, 11"
Number: EC6D43
Price: $79.99
Lodge® 7.5-Quart Blue Enamel Dutch Oven, 12"
Number: EC7D33
Price: $94.99
Lodge® 7.5-Quart Red Enamel Dutch Oven, 12"
Number: EC7D43
Price: $94.99