Emergency Lanterns

Don't worry about batteries - choose an emergency lantern that can wind up & go! These full-feature lanterns are ideal for any disaster or survival situation. Keep survival lanterns with your emergency gear and in your car so you've got dependable light in any scenario.

What you see here isn't all the emergency lighting we carry at Smith & Edwards! Check out our full emergency lighting selection online. Or, come on in to our store in Ogden, Utah. We've got loads more lighting in-store, including kerosene lanterns in a variety of colors and sizes. We'd love to show you and answer any questions you have about Emergency Preparedness. Give us a call at 801-731-1120, we're always happy to help.


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MPowered® Luci Original Inflatable Solar Light Lantern
Number: 1001005
Price: $19.99
UST Lantern 45 Day LED, Gray
Number: 20-02194
Price: $24.99
Coleman® 2 Mantle Quickpack™ Lantern
Number: 2000003049
Price: $39.99
Coleman® 2 Mantle QuickPack Propane Lantern
Number: 2000003050
Price: $44.99
Coleman® Twin LED Lantern
Number: 2000024375
Price: $44.99
Coleman® Mantle Tube Instaclip TAB 2PK
Number: 2000026606
Price: $5.99
Coleman® Globe Clear Straight C006
Number: 2000026611
Price: $11.99
Coleman® Lantern & Sound
Number: 2000033083
Price: $49.99
Coleman® Mantles, 20, Standard Tie, Case
Number: 20A104
Price: $2.99
Coleman® String Tie #21 2 Pack Mantles
Number: 21A102
Price: $2.99
Coleman® Insta-Clip #21 Mantles - 2 Pk
Number: 21B122
Price: $2.99
Coleman® Insta-Clip #21 2 Pack Mantles
Number: 21B132C
Price: $2.99
Rayovac® Economy Floating Lantern With 6V Battery
Number: 3001419
Price: $6.99
Rayovac® Sportsman 9 Watt Lantern
Number: 3165784
Price: $28.99
Rayovac® Floating Lantern With Stand
Number: 3205416
Price: $13.99
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