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Cast Iron Accessories and Handle Holders

Cast Iron Accessories and Handle Holders

At home or at the campfire, you'll be so happy to have skillet handle holders, pan scrapers, and all the cast iron gear you'd been eyeing! This is the Lodge® gear you know you want. From Dutch oven stands and recipe books to scrapers and silicone mitts, check out these great tools below.

If you've got a new Dutch oven or a good cast iron skillet, our Houseware buyer Vickie's got the cookbooks and handle holders you need to do some great cast iron cooking! These are the cast iron cooking tools that'll make cooking with your Dutch oven or skillet even more of a rewarding experience! Check out Dutch oven liners for easy & fast cleanup after a crumble or chili - no more scraping and scrubbing. Make perfect fried eggs with a silicone egg ring. And who wouldn't love to ditch the oven mitts and simply slide on a silicone handle for your cast iron skillet?

Plus, you'll find great cast iron cooking ideas in the cookbooks we've got here at Smith & Edwards.. Our favorite is the Log Cabin Cookbook by local Dutch oven phenom Colleen Sloan. Get a sample of her cooking on our blog: discover Colleen's Dutch oven tips & dishes.

Cast Iron Pan Scrapers - Pack of 2
Grill Pan Scrapers - Pack of 2
Lodge® Dutch Oven Lid Stand
Product ID: A5-3
Lodge® Cast Iron Trivet - Meat Rack
Product ID: L8DOT3
Universal 20" Dutch Oven Liners - Pack of 8
Product ID: A5DOL
Yellow Silicone Egg Ring
Product ID: ASER
Lodge® Skillet Silicone Hot Handle Holder
Product ID: ASHH
Deep Fry Basket
Product ID: FB2
Starting at $18.99
Assist Handle Holder for Lodge® Cast Iron
Product ID: ASAHH
CampMaid Charcoal Holder
Product ID: BOL60001
Camp Chef 32" Dutch Oven Table with Legs
Product ID: CT-32LW
Camp Chef 38" Dutch Oven Table with Legs
Product ID: CT-38LW
Camp Chef Cast Iron Conditioner
Product ID: CSC8
Camp Chef Disposable Aluminum Dutch Oven Liners - Set of 3
Product ID: AOL
Starting at $3.99
Camp Chef Dutch Oven Dome
Camp Chef Dutch Oven Stand
Product ID: CT-14
Camp Chef Flame Tamer
Product ID: FT10
Camp Chef Folding Side Shelves for 2 Burners
Product ID: LS-60P
Camp Chef Folding Side Shelves for 3 Burners
Product ID: LS-90P
Camp Chef Griddle Bag for SG-100
Product ID: SGB40
Camp Chef Heat Guard Leather Gloves
Product ID: GLV15
Camp Chef Large Griddle Bag
Product ID: SGB-LG
Camp Chef Medium Griddle Bag
Product ID: SGB-MD
Camp Chef Pan Scraper
Product ID: PS2
CampMaid Lid & Pot Holder
Product ID: BOL60000
Smith and Edwards Dutch Oven Bags
Product ID: DOC-BLK
Starting at $11.99
Camp Chef Dutch Oven Trivet
Product ID: TRDO
Camp Chef Ceramic Pizza Stone
Product ID: COPS
Camp Chef Pro 30 1 Burner Carry Bag
Product ID: CB30
Camp Chef Explorer 3X Patio Cover
Product ID: PC48
CampMaid Flip Grill
Product ID: BOL60004
Lodge Chuckwagon Dinner Bell
Product ID: A5-5
Lodge Magnetic Trivet
Product ID: ASMMT
Lodge Grill Pan Scraper - Set of 2
Camp Chef® Cast Iron Conditioner Spray Bottle - 8 ounce
Product ID: CSCP
Camp Chef® Pan Scrapers - Pack of 2
Product ID: PSC
Cowhide Dutch Oven Welding Gloves - Large
Product ID: 902-4910B
Silicone Handle Holder for Lodge® Steel
Product ID: ASCRHH
Loop Handle Holder for Lodge® Pro-Logic
Product ID: ASPHH
Camouflage Hot Handle for Cast Iron Pans - Pack of 2
Product ID: 2HHCAM2
Lodge® Seasoning Spray
Product ID: A-SPRAY
Lodge® 10" Scrub Brush
Log Cabin Grub Cookbook
Product ID: BK-LCG
Lewis and Clark Dutch Oven Cooking Cookbook
Product ID: LCLCCB
Cabin Cooking by Colleen Sloan
Product ID: BK-CC
101 Things To Do With A Dutch Oven Cookbook by Vernon Winterton
Product ID: BK-DO101
Log Cabin Dutch Oven Cookbook by Colleen Sloan
Log Cabin Campfire Cookn' by Colleen Sloan
Product ID: LCCFCB