Candlewarmers & Essential Oils

Give them something they will really love - a gift from Smith and Edwards, the country boy store! Here you will find great gifts you can personalize to suit someone special. You will love McCall's high quality candles and bars. Freshen up your kitchen with a tangy sweet smelling candle that will bring with it the warmth of summer. Explore steak branding irons in all letters of the alphabet or poke through the cowboy-themed magnets where there is something for every western lover.

Some of our favorite western gifts are the steak branding irons. They come in every letter of the alphabet plus some other popular brands that are commonly used. You can use them to brand your meat (super cool for a cookout with the neighbors) but feel free to play around with them as they are also fun on wood, leather, paper, and more.

Another great idea for western gifts is our cowboy-themed rustic magnets. They are a great way to personalize the perfect gift for someone special. Make your campouts more pleasant with fresh scents of Poo Pourri. 100% guaranteed to take away the smells of an outhouse. Take a moment to enjoy a sweet smelling camper. Poo Pourri is small enough to take with you on the go! no need for an awkward situation at a friends party, just spray the odors away! We can't talk about great gifts without suggesting some great authentic western music as well. Our great selection will make your toes tap and your country boy pride swell.

Looking for gifts for a little one? Check out our large variety of Beanie Boos - the cutest stuffed animals ever! Your little buckaroo will just love his or her new zebra or owl, but let's not lie, lots of grown-ups love them too!


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Airomé Breath In Essential Oil Blend
Number: CWE318
Price: $11.99
Airomé Breathe In Essential Oil Roll-On
Number: CWE318R
Price: $7.99
Airomé Cedarwood Essential Oil
Number: CWE323
Price: $7.99
Airomé Citrus Boost Essential Oil Blend
Number: CWE324
Price: $11.99
Airomé Eucalyptus Essential Oil
Number: CWE330
Price: $7.99
Airomé Grapefruit Essential Oil
Number: CWE370
Price: $11.99
Airomé Guard Against Essential Oil Blend
Number: CWE380
Price: $11.99
Airomé Guard Against Essential Oil Roll-On
Number: CWE380R
Price: $7.99
Airomé Lavender Essential Oil
Number: CWE500
Price: $9.99
Airomé Lavender Essential Oil Roll-On
Number: CWE500R
Price: $7.99
Airomé Lemon Essential Oil
Number: CWE520
Price: $7.99
Airomé Lemongrass Essential Oil
Number: CWE525
Price: $7.99
Airomé Patchouli Essential Oil
Number: CWE675
Price: $9.99
Airomé Peppermint Essential Oil
Number: CWE680
Price: $7.99
Airomé Peppermint Essential Oil Roll-On
Number: CWE680R
Price: $7.99
Airomé Serene & Still Essential Oil Blend
Number: CWE760
Price: $15.99
Airomé Tea Tree Essential Oil
Number: CWE800
Price: $7.99
Airomé Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
Number: CWE995
Price: $15.99
Airomé Breathe Clear Gift Set - Pack of 3
Number: CWECOMB02
Price: $19.99
Airomé Energy Boost Gift Set - Pack of 3
Number: CWECOMB04
Price: $19.99
Airomé Eucalyptus All-Natural Odor Eliminator
Number: CWM330
Price: $7.99
Candle Warmers Replacemenet Bulb for Fragrance Warmers - NP5
Number: CWNP5
Price: $3.99
Candle Warmers Replacemenet Bulb for Fragrance Warmers - NP7
Number: CWNP7
Price: $1.99