Wall Tents & Cylinder Stoves

There's nothing like spending a week in the Uintas with your horse. For your hunting camp or long trailriding trips, you've got to bring along one of our canvas wall tents. Bring a cylinder stove to keep warm and cook some tasty meals while you're in the backcountry. Click here for bedrolls.

Please call 801-731-1120 and ask for the Western department to talk to us about these tents. We offer in-store pickup and can also provide freight quotes.

Tent Style



Double Fill Canvas Wall Tent

Locally made in northern Utah

#12 double fill tight weave canvas for added strength & durability

10x12-foot tent: $841.00

12x14-foot tent: $926.00

  • Nylon braided rope guy lines with line tighteners
  • 5-foot sod cloth
  • 5" fiberglass pipe ring installed
  • Zipper door
  • Open edge ridge holes to run your ridge pole all the way through
  • Reinforced eaves
  • 5-foot walls

Herder Teepee Tent

12oz white duck canvas

Center pole not included

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Cylinder Stove Packages and Individual Accessories

Scout Stove Package

Small: Ideal for pyramid tents or small wall tents where space is limited.

Hunter Stove Package

Medium: Our most popular stove--just the right size, weight and heat output for the average camp.

Outfitter Stove Package

Large: The camp cook's favorite. Perfect for base camp and extra cold conditions.

Cylinder Stove

16" L x 10-1/2" W x 9" H, 20" tall with legs

Volume: .7 cubic feet

4" stovepipe hole

Designed for tents up to 10' x 12'

Holds heat for 6-7 hours

Included: stove and legs only

24" L x 14" W x 11" H, 22" tall with legs

Volume: 1.6 cubic feet

4 or 5" stovepipe hole

Designed for tents 10' x 12' to 14' x 16'

Holds heat for 8-9 hours

Included: stove and legs only

28" L x 6" W x 13" H, 23-1/2" tall with legs

Volume: 2.5 cubic feet

5" stovepipe hole

Designed for tents 14' x 16' to 16' x 20'

Holds heat for 10-11 hours

Included: stove and legs only

Nesting Stove Pipe

4" Pipe

5" Pipe

5" Pipe

Water Heater

1.5-gallon water heater

3-gallon water heater

5-gallon water heater

Stove Warming Tray

Scout stove tray

Hunter stove tray

Outfitter Stove tray

Stove Grate

Scout Grate

Hunter Grate

Outfitter Grate


4" Damper

5" Damper

5" Damper

Spark Arrestor

4" Spark Arrestor

5" Spark Arrestor

5" Spark Arrestor

Tent Accessories



Internal "Slip Fit" Frame

Custom built to fit each individual tent, these frames are constructed of 1-3/8" galvanized steel tube. Angles are separate from straight.

  • 10-foot x 12-foot:
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  • 12-foot x 14-foot:
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  • 14-foot x 16-foot:
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  • 16-foot x 20-foot:
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Rafter Corner Kits

Corner pieces to assemble your own tent frame of tubular steel.

  • 3 Rafter Corner Kit, 9 piece set:
  • 4 Rafter Corner Kit, 12 piece set: